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Alexa in 2018 it was the “in thing”. Today in the wake of ChatGPT Alexa feels like a product from last century. When Technology is moving so fast, the question is, “Is your Tech Partner that fast as well?”

VoiceQube sure is
We swiftly adopt new tech and integrate it into our operations, achieving remarkable productivity and delivering projects at unprecedented speeds.
Top talent and lean management drive cost-effective project delivery, evident from requirements to roadmap.
VoiceQube's agile process sidesteps bureaucracy, offering personalized attention and scalable services.
We seek integrity, proactivity, passion, curiosity, and results-focused individuals to build an exceptional team and operational approach.

Our Capabilities


The best design in the history of best design is what we aspire for our clients

1. Information
2. Architecture
3. Wireframing
4. Branding Guidelines
5. High Fidelity Designs
3D Design
1. Assets in Games
2. Metaverse
3. Industrial Equipment
4. Illustrations
Conversation Design
1. NLU Based Chat Converstaions
2. Voice Based Interface Design
3. Voice + Gesture Interface Design
4. Human Computer Interface Design


XR is called Extended reality - it is a mix of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality)

Lot of companies are building their own metaverses. While this is also a term that has been over abused on the internet we have some strong opinions that Metaverse can actually create higher level of social interaction in comparison to the traditional social media.
Digital Twin
Digital Twin creation is the process of creating a digital representation of a real world object for example a car or industrial machine powered by IoT. The status of the real world object can be monitored, diagnosed and updated completely digitally
We build games for Oculus, Apple Vision Pro that deliver XR experiences to the users


Software Engineering has been unnecessarily painful for the last four decades. We are on a mission to make it easy, transparent and smooth for our clients. We are absolutely tired of software services that get started and end up getting delayed for months or ultimately even shelved. Our approach to software engineering is Clean, Chronological, and Cutting Edge.

Native App Development
1. iOS
2. Android

Android Hybrid App Development
1. Flutter
2. React-Native
We work across the board with almost every technology that suits the clients requirement. We can build web dashboards, web platforms and websites that are modern, not clunky and are extremely user friendly.
With a bunch of new cloud services, the world of DevOps has gotten more complex in the last few years. We help you navigate and deploy in the most economical manner than ever.

1. AWS
2. GCP
3. Azure
4. Kubernetes Deployment
5. Microservices Architecture
6. CI/CD Pipelines
Testing & QA
Our testing and QA team is well versed with

1. Unit testing
2. Smoke testing
3. Load testing
3. Pen Test
4. Integration testing
We build the most clean architecture ever. Our backend team works like artists and they create robust systems that can scale dynamically, never break and will always keep your product running. We work across several technologies but we love Node.js, Mongodb, Nest.js and working with Modular code.

Artificial Intelligence

This is the AI era that we are living in. Artificial Intelligence is once in a civilization technology. However this term is also the most abused term across all social media and we are sure you are tired of it as well. The truth is most AI companies are just wrapper companies that leverage APIs. AI is not Rocket Science and we can help you understand it completely so that you can leverage it for your business. Currently we think there are only two major ways AI can be actually implemented with positive ROI

Conversation AI
Using AI for building chat and voice systems that can help your business cut costs and increase revenue and boost productivity
Computer Vision
We can leverage video feed and image feed to extract vital information and data using computer vision. Large scale retail stores, advertising companies are already implementing this
Generative AI
Use of Generative AI is very nascent and it can be leveraged in unimaginable ways. We built an infinite question and answer generator for a ed-tech client of ours. To know how you can leverage Generative AI - please contact us.

Data Analytics

Every company is collecting data but those who are understanding and investing in extracting inferences are often market leaders in their industries. We help you create an entire Data pipeline that facilitates your company to leverage your data and use the learnings to grow your business.

Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Data Engineering

Staff Augmentation

We help companies scale their engineering team in a model that fits their structure. Our staff augmentation process comprises of Intelligent Sourcing, Thorough 360 degree assessment that helps us create a pre-vetted pool of strong, proactive and talented software developers who are hungry to work in fast paced environments. We don’t select developers with too many years of baggage and who worked in slow bureaucratic environments because we have seen such engineers drag the whole team down.

This process we follow helps us have high selection and joining rates of our candidates with our clients. We purposefully don’t take up business where we need to deal with any other candidate other than the ones with high calibre and high hunger for work.

Full- Time Hiring
This process we follow helps us have high selection and joining rates of our candidates with our clients. We purposefully don’t take up business where we need to deal with any other candidate other than the ones with high calibre and high hunger for work.
Developers on Contract
These are high quality resources across following tech stack who are available to work for your company full time on a contract basis

1. Next.js, React.js, Flutter, Angular, ionic, React-Native.
2. Nest.js, Node.js, Python, Java,
3. All resources are well versed with both SQL and NoSQL databases.
4. All resources are habituated to work in agile methodologies.
5. Resources have good knowledge of using tools like Git, Jira, Slack, Trello, etc

Our Capabilities

Years in
the industry
Presence in Countries
Presence in Countries
Presence in Countries

Our Case Studies

Real Estate One Stop Shop

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Saudi Aramco

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First Loan Officers

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Dubai Muncipality

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Flacos Tacos

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Beniot Noel

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Illuminate health care

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Signal Molecule

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Tutor Doctor

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The Honest Guys

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Ama Smart Home

A US based IOT company wanted us to build an alexa skill for emergency help to elders staying in US homes.

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It is a voice enabled mobile app for restaurants where users can order without calling for waiters. It is the leading hospitality suite applicable for hotels, restaurants, cruises, airports and lounges

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For Voiply we built an Alexa Skill that has account linking setup with OAuth and plays back the voice mail of a user when asks Alexa.

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We built a full fledged live streaming radio platform skill where radio stations can be onboarded and get access to Live 365’s distribution of alexa users globally.

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